Monday Morning

Here we are again, folks. Monday. The beginning of another work week, well for some, like me, it is because I am here at work. Bored. Out of my damned mind. However, I did manage to read two good books this weekend, Porn Star and Collard.

I had Porn Star on my TBR for awhile and I was gifted Collared by a friend for my birthday. One was a good read and one was GREAT read so without further adieu here are my thoughts…

pornstarReview: Porn Star was a joint collabo from Sierra Simone (Priest) and Laurelin Paige (Fixed Trilogy) and was a very interesting read. Logan O’Toole, our porn star, is enamoured with Devi Dare, an up and coming porn star who only does girl/girl stuff and offers her a chance to become more mainstream all while getting close to her. His pitch is perfect because she agrees, but the lines get crossed as they start to feel more for each other.

I enjoyed reading this book as I am sure the girls enjoyed doing the research for it. The main characters were pretty interesting and uniquely developed. I enjoyed their struggles because although typical there was a different “spin” when it came to the relationship development. Of course, they are just people just like the rest of us, however, sleeping with others is their job. Not many of us can say that so dating someone whose job is to sleep with other people was something my mind was curious about. I wanted to see how they defined their relationship if there were boundaries and rules especially since monogamy was out of the question. What surprised me was how much I loved the female lead, Devi. She was very mature for her age and to be in the profession she was in. I guess she kind of had to be considering she was a sex worker, but her brain and her witty responses were what made me love her character so much. Not to mention the growth of her character as the story went on was great. Logan wasn’t so bad either, it took him a little longer to come along for the ride but it was a great ride nonetheless so 4 stars for this hot to trot story.

collard.jpgCollared by Nicole Williams was a page turner. I started that book and did not stop until it was complete. This by far was the first one sit, wine sipping, only break to pee book I’ve read so far in 2016. By the time I got to chapter two I was completely hooked. I went into this book blind, not reading the blurb or any reviews about it. All I had to go on was the recommendation of my two best book buds, Paige and Terry D. They’ve never steered me wrong, although Paige did trick me into the Monsters in the Dark series, but I digress. This book was so freaking good and NOTHING that I expected. The cover and titled led me to believe one thing when it was completely the opposite but again that was because I didn’t know anything about the book before starting. I found myself completely engrossed in what was happening. And even though the author manages to cover 10 years in two chapters it was done well and the only thing I felt like I “missed” was a little more interaction between Jade and the bad guy. I get why there wasn’t because he wasn’t who the story was about. It was about love, loss and the fact that true love never truly goes away.

” I’ll never finish falling in love with you,” ~Torrin

I can’t really go too much further into this story without potentially spoiling it for you guys. That would be wrong, however, this is a great Book Club book if you like discussing books. I loved the author’s writing and I saw exactly what she was doing with Jade’s character, many people might not get it or like it but I loved it and hopefully, you will too. So 5 stars for this unexpected lovely read.


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