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GIVE ME YOU COVER (1)Blurb: Corin Connelly left her past far behind her in New York City. Along with her mother and an ex-boyfriend who had no plans to let her go. Starting over in college in California seemed like a vacation in paradise compared to her old life, and if anyone needs a fresh start, it’s her. But her new roommate has a life-threatening secret, and soon paradise becomes even more intense than New York. When she loses a bet to the university soccer team’s star goalie, Skylar Martin, he claims a prize she didn’t ever plan to give him.

A weekend in her hometown.

Skylar Martin is used to getting what he wants. Growing up in a world of privilege has made his life easy, which is exactly how he likes his women. But when a feisty redhead tells him no, he becomes determined to figure out what makes her tick. And what she’s hiding.

Spending a weekend together will change everything they think they know about each other. The closer they become, the harder it is to hide the mistakes they thought they’d left behind–mistakes that will stand in the way of what they both want.

Review: I really enjoyed this story. I was completely confused at first because it seemed like the story that was being told wasn’t the story I was promised. But as I kept reading, I realized “Dammit Lisa! You are reading out of order again.”

Now I will say even though I read it out of order it was still a great story! I loved the back and forth banter between Corin and Skylar. They were so original and unlike any other characters I’ve read. The story spans their four-year relationship and is told from both POVs so that you are fully aware of both parties thoughts. I really enjoyed the fact that they weren’t perfect and came from completely different backgrounds but had similar problems. They made their relationship work for them and it was awesome. And what story would be complete without some drama; now I won’t tell you the drama, that would ruin it for you but let me say I loved Loved LOVED it. I love how it was handled and I really loved how it ended. This was definitely a 5-star read, I recommend reading Keep Me Still first or you’ll be confused with the first 15-20% of the book, but if I managed to give it a top rating without reading book 1 you will too.

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Exclusive Excerpt

“You’re like something out of dream,” he says with a voice full of reference. “I don’t deserve you.”

I push him backward until he’s against the wall and remove his clothes strategically, kissing each new part of him that’s revealed to me. “No more talking. No more thinking. No more worries. Not tonight. It will all be there tomorrow.”

He nods but his eyes are still clouded with concern.

“Just be with me tonight, soccer boy. Me and you. No one else. Be with me. Inside me. Make it all go away for tonight.”

I drop to my knees, taking Skylar’s thick length in my hands. He’s hard already, which makes it easier to lose myself in giving him what he needs.

I place gentle licks against the swollen head of him and am rewarded with the taste of his arousal. When I take him all the way to the back of my throat, he groans loudly and lets his head fall back against the wall.

“A fucking dream,” he murmurs when I hollow my cheeks and suck him harder. I add my right hand to the mix, stroking the path I’m taking into my warm wet mouth. My left hand grips his inner thigh and I let my nails scrape lightly against his skin.

His cock jerks in my mouth and just as I’m certain he’s about to come apart, I’m lifted abruptly off the ground and thrown roughly only the bed. He stalks toward me and there is nothing else in the world right now. Just us. Just this. What we both need so badly.

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See the beginning of Skylar and Corin’s story  in KEEP ME STILL

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CAISEY QUINN BIOCaisey Quinn lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her vivacious six-year-old daughter. She is the bestselling author of the Neon Dreams series (Avon/William Morrow) and the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels. You can find her online at and Tweeting entirely too often as @CaiseyQuinn. 

She is represented by Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.








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