Curiosity Didn’t Kill…

I really don’t get that sentiment. I mean, I guess in some instances it would be valid but in this case, I don’t know if it would kill the “cat” but it might make ol’ pussy a little wet.

I am a big fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, the books, and the movie. So, it is safe to assume I am excited for the new film debuting February 2017. Darker aka Book 2, is my favorite in the trilogy so I am truly hoping Mrs. James, her husband, and the studio does a great job with this film. With that said, I get a Google alert every Monday with FSOG updates and the reoccurring topic seems to be Mr. Dornan’s dong. Everyone is reporting that the studio is offering him millions to show his schlong on the big screen. I have a problem with this, well not penises in particular, those I love, but the obsession to see it in this movie. Now before you revoke my Mom-Porn membership bare with me a bit…

Who wants to see a flaccid penis? The MPAA (motion picture association of America) will not allow an erect penis to be shown on screen. I am not trying to look at limp man meat. Dick looking like Snuffy from Sesame Street, that ladies and maybe a few gents is unacceptable. snuffie

Also, we will most definitely NOT get any penetration footage. If they aren’t going to show an erect penis we most certainly won’t see his Johnson penetrate Dakota Johnson dakota

Again I am definitely on Team Peen, but only if I am getting the REAL deal. However, I know that isn’t going to happen so I am good with little sneaks and peeks like this

sexy   remember the mirror when they first “do it”

and this…christian right before he ties her up and pops the button on those button fly jeans. So I’m good not looking a Jamie Dornan or his stunt doubles limp dick, it will do nothing for me. Some sexy abs, a great ass and maybe a nice manscaped love trail and I’m good. What I really wanna see is

  1. The photo showcase that shows how Jose` feels about Ana. They missed the mark with demonstrating his unrequited love for her in the first film and he came off as a creepy bar dude and not a good friend who pines for her from afar
  2. How well Ms. Basinger will pulls off Elena aka Mrs. Robinson. I was rooting for Sharon “I don’t have any panties on” Stone, but that’s because she’s pulled off ruthless b*tch so well before
  3. Christian’s breakdown. I’ve read and re-read that part of the book so many times and that vulnerability made me fall completely in love with him.

So those are the top three things I’m looking forward to, what are you curious about?



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