Damn it’s Monday…

Uh, it’s Monday. Again. Yup and although this weekend started good but the closer we got to Monday it started to take a serious crap. I did NOT feel like waking up and coming to work today. However, I will say that I got to start Vi Keeland’s, Bossman, early since it released last night. But after cleaning the rabbit crate, doing 2 loads of laundry, grocery shopping and playing two games of softball in yesterday’s 90-degree heat, all while mother nature decided she wanted to make an early appearance, I fell asleep on page 3.

All of that to say that in case you missed it. Vi Keeland’s, Bossman, released early and it’s available NOW! I’m reading it now and should be finished tonight!! Love ya like the cool side of the pillow…

boss man full

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4 thoughts on “Damn it’s Monday…

  1. Jo Anne V says:

    It was a sad day for me on Sunday — a beautiful treasured teapot that belonged to my grandmother was knocked off the counter and is now in a million pieces — irreplaceable and lots of tears .


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