Bending Bethany…Review

bending bethanyBlurb: When Bethany Howard meets international soccer star Jenson Abbot at a bar one night she never expects it will change her life forever. University classes and late nights spent studying fill her hours, but Jenson is determined to show her what she’s been missing. She thinks it’s only a one night stand, but Bethany is anything but a fling to Jenson. He’s been waiting for someone to make him feel the way she does, her sharp tongue and delicious curves undoing him from the beginning.

Jenson is hellbent on proving he is the man for her, the only man that can make her eyes light up when she laughs and her body sing beneath his hands. But can Jenson convince Bethany that there’s more to him than meets the eye? Or will his flirty grin and dogged persistence put her off men forever? Jenson is determined to find out, because he’s got one last play tucked in his pocket, The Panty Play.

Warning: Bending Bethany is a whirlwind week of syrupy sweetness with the nerdy girl next door and the MVP soccer star she can’t quite shake. Be prepared to be wooed all over again!

bending bethany 4

Review: I didn’t know what to expect when I started this. The blurb had me intrigued and the story started out well, what I wasn’t expecting was it to be over so quickly. I got this book as an ARC and so I didn’t know it was 90 pages so be warned. Now with that part out of the way, this was a good story! I was so pissed that it went by so quickly because I wanted more if Bethany and Jenson. It wasn’t insta-love but we didn’t get the fall either it goes from pursuit to epilogue in a blink of an eye. I was getting into it and loving the banter between them then BOOM! I was hit with The End. DAMMIT!! So 3.5 stars for short-story I can tell you if it was longer it’d be a solid 4 or higher.

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bending Bethany 8

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