strokedBlurb: Reese King: Olympic medalist, underwear model, Greek god.

His body is chiseled from rock, sculpted by the weight room, and refined by water.

On a daily basis his skin is completely bare for everyone to see, tan and defined, only covered up by a minuscule piece of spandex. There is no denying his sex appeal.

I hate to admit it, but I’m head over heels infatuated with him.

There is one HUGE problem though. His achingly gorgeous abs, inked up arm, and cocky swagger belong to my boss, the high-profile, reality star bitch from hell and certified heinous human being, Bellini Chambers.

What I think is going to be an easy job assisting a glorified wench turns into a cluster f*ck of epic proportions.


Review: Man I freaking love Meghan Quinn. Her book, the Virgin Romance Novelist, is the funniest book I’ve ever read. So if it has her name on it I am all for it, which is why I picked up Stroked. I love a good sports story and other than Michael Phelps I know nothing of swimming other than they have hot bodies and eat a LOT so I was game. I knew that this was gonna be good when chapter one clearly stated that Buddy Chambers was a millionaire who was “well known for getting humped by a pig.” Yup I was gonna laugh my tits off

I found myself giggling, ready to slap the someone, offended often but swooning more the longer I read. Reese, our swim hero, ended up being amazing, even though my first impression of him wasn’t a great one. The more I read the more I loved him. And nothing is sexier to a woman than a man who loves animals, so when he asked, “Want to play with some puppies?” I was instantly reminded why we girls love Nick Bateman and all the hot Instagram dudes that pose with their dogs. Immediate. Wet. Panties. Yup so be warned, ladies…

Paisley was an awesome chick. Down to earth, witty, cute and fun, I really enjoyed reading from her POV (yeah this is written from both POVs with a third sprinkled in, the villain, who I get to in a sec). She set out to prove to her family and herself that she could make it doing something she loved in a town that typically swallowed people whole and she did just that. Although she had some bumps along the way, I loved the way she handled things even when they got tough. The way she and Reese were together made me love them as a couple and I am sure I will get more of them soon. Considering this is book 1 in the Stroked Series and the way each character was written,  you can tell who will get their own book which means we haven’t seen the last of  #TeamReesly. WooHoo!

Now onto the villain, Bellini. First, let me say I typically love the villains in stories. They tend to drive stories and make it easier for us to root for our hero/heroine, not this one. I wanted to slap her stupid face. She was rude, insulting and just plain stupid. She reminds me of all the reality tv b****es that I hate. So overall this was a great book, I loved it and give it 4.5 stars.

To purchase this book via Amazon click here


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