Pardon the Interruption…

neighborhood dearest teaser 2 (1)

This is weird…I’ve never felt the need to talk about a book at its halfway point but I’ll be damned if that Penelope Ward hasn’t done it again. Well I’m not quite sure she’s done it but I will say at 66% if this book stopped here it would still be perfect. I am so invested in these characters that I am wondering that from this point on how will this story keep up its perfection.¬†Like this really feels like a two-part book.

Chelsea is amazing. She reminds me of my love-sick friends and probably a lot of us girly girls out there that need answers to everything, especially after a break-up. We know just a bit about Chelsea from Stepbrother Dearest since she was dating Elec, but here you get to really meet her and understand the situation from her perspective. I dig her but I LOVE her sister Jade. She is freaking hilarious, “You’ll be thanking me later when you’re screaming out in orgasm as the angry artist is VanGoh-ing down on you.”¬†She cracked me up every time they talked about Damien, the hot artist neighbor guy. Her advice was priceless, silly and often times useless just like a loving sister.

Damien is the hot artist neighbor whose dogs are making Chels crazy and I can’t say more than that until I finish this book because it will spoil it. So I am going back in. But based on the 66% that I’ve read I’m already giving this book a 5. What else did you expect from the lady that brought me My Skylar.

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