This totally blows that I have to do this but if I wanna graduate I kinda have to. Some of you know that I am currently in school obtaining my degree in English with a minor is Deaf Studies. My plan is to teach High School English, translate in the summers and moonlight as an editor or possibly do some BETA reading if any of my author friends will have me. With that said…or typed, rather, I will not be posting every day. That so doesn’t mean that I am not reading, because I am, however, I don’t always get the chance to hop on my computer to type out a review because I am/will be busy studying how authors convey “Life in the Human Form”

This simply means you will probably get 2-3 posts a week. I hope that is okay with you guys. Some may be long as there will be more than one review but I promise to do my best getting my two cents out to you guys so please bear with me. Now that that’s said and done, I’m gonna go work out the central theme of Kate Chopin’s The Story of An Hour.


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