It’s getting closer guys! We have a little over 4 months left before we get the full on theatrical release of Fifty Shades Darker. Now if you’ve been following anything I’ve said about this series Darker is my favorite of the entire series; so I am eagerly anticipating this release.

prayingA few things I pray they get right are:

  • Jose` and his love for Ana through his photos. In the first movie,  it didn’t translate well how much he loved her. It came off more of as a friendship and technically that is how Ana saw it, but what the director didn’t capture on film was the way he looked at her that gave Christian pause, the way he was always there no matter what with his camera sneaking pictures, and finally Kate’s mention of how he was in love with her
  • Christian’s breakdown…good lord this was my favorite part. Seeing him so vulnerable and begging for Ana to stay was such a pivotal moment in this story that if they drop the ball I will be one pissed off cookie
  • Leila and Elena. NEED. TO. BE. PERFECT! They drive the tension in this story and if it’s not right dammit this movie will fall flat.

So here ya go, click the link for the full theatrical trailer of Fifty Shades Darker

darkerFifty Shades Darker

This trailer promises good things but I already see some things that look like they will miss their mark…

  1. They better arrive at Jose` show together, from the looks of this trailer doesn’t look like they do.
  2. Where is Jack’s ponytail? I know I’m nit-picking but dammit this is my favorite book in the series
  3. The sneak peek of Kim Basinger didn’t do it for me. I was expecting that Sharon Stone sex kitten look that would’ve/still could hold Christian’s eye and give Ana pause.

I am sure there are more but I am interested in what you think, did this trailer do it for you? What do you hope to see? What had they better get right? Comment below and I’ll pick a random winner to receive a $3.99 E-book of their choosing.