OMG, this was such a treat when I was younger. We could only have Kool-Aid with dinner and in the summer time we would pour kool-aid into the little popsicle trays and freeze them. Now, when someone says Kool-Aid I instantly think of that guy in the desert that killed all the people by getting them to drink the damn Kool-Aid. Such a shame that such a wonderful innocent memory has been tainted by some sick jackass, but I digress.

I said all that to come to this, when I read a book I read it because the blurb sounds good, it’s been recommended or I like the author. Now I have authors I love and some I like, of course, the ones I love tend to get pushed to the top of the TBR but sometimes I wonder, do they really deserve it. Lately, a few authors I love have been hit or miss. Now granted everything isn’t for everyone, however, after checking out some of the reviews and popping in on some of the author’s fan/facebook pages I wonder, “Did these people read the same book I read and if so did I miss something?”

Don’t get me wrong, when I met author Kim Holden I went total “fangirl” complete with tears (no I didn’t freaking Kim K ugly cry but it was close) so I get it. For me, her books touched me in a way that only a few have so yes I was excited to the point of tears to actually meet her. But here are some things I just can’t do…

I will never EVER not NEVER curse someone out for not loving her books the way I do. Man! You should see how some of these rabid fans will rip your head off if you don’t absolutely love their favorite author. I was afraid for one chick’s life in one Facebook Fan Page (that I will not name). She posed a question to the author of a seriesĀ asking why the author was drawing out the series. At this point it was up to book 16; each book was $2.99 and the story was roughly 80-100 pages worth of work. I, too, was thinking the same thing, not to mention the damn story was beginning to get ridiculous so $47 later I just gave up. However, she was called everything but the child of God on her post and I couldn’t understand why it resulted in that. The author never commented and the admins allowed the vicious attack. Ugh…just disgusting.

I will never EVER not NEVER blow smoke up your ass or gas up a book only because it was written by an author I love. I don’t care if she pissed rainbows and shat sunshine if the book isn’t good I am not going to say that it is. I can’t in good faith write some piece of fluff ass review praising a book that, IMO, doesn’t deserve it. And that’s what it all boils down to right? Opinions. Not to say that mine is right and yours is wrong but I’m of the opinion that opinions are like assholes, we all have them and often times they stink. But it’s yours, so own it. Own how you really feel. Did you really love the book or do you just love the author and by extension feel like you have to love everything he/she writes? Does the book really deserve 5+++ stars? Is that writer’s work so fan-fucking-tasticĀ that you will sing their praises “all the live long day?” If so then dammit do it and I’m sure the author will love you for it, but I bet they will love you more if you’re honest. Telling someone what you think they want to hear doesn’t help them in the long run. I guess what I am trying to say in a nutshell is…Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Love your books for what they are, love the stories because they are good, sing an author’s praises because they genuinely deserve it.

I’m off my soapbox now folks. Thanks for listening…

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