Weekend In Review…

Man, what a weekend this was! I had plenty of time to catch up on my reading because…well I decided to blow off school for the weekend. Yup, I played hookey from school Friday and I knocked out 3 books this weekend.

theplayer**The Player by Clair Contreras – OMG this was so good! Most of her books are so good this wasn’t a surprise to me and if you read her it won’t be to you either. So, this hottie soccer (football) player is not only a player on the field but off the field as well, hence the book title. What I wasn’t expecting was all the juicy bits in between. It was the typical “girl tames the player” story, however, it isn’t just that. The dynamics of this story make it unique,  so you will definitely enjoy the ride from their meeting to their Happily Ever After. I enjoyed taking that ride with Warren and Camilla and you will too. 5 stars for this hottie with a body and nipple piercings



royallyscrewed**Royally Screwed by Emma Chase –  This was an amazing read too! I was completely engrossed in this story. Nicholas and Oliva were just wonderful. I even pretended I had a posh British accent for a few hours after this. So Prince Nicholas has to pick a wife before he becomes King (granny’s getting old and even though she loves being Queen it’s bout time to step down) Nicholas decides to spend his summer sowing his Royal Oats before he has to pick a princess. He meets Olivia on a trip to NY and the juicy goodness begins. I fell in love with love reading this story. I was like “YES!” then “NOOO” then “YES!” again while reading this book, not to mention the sex was fan-freaking-tastic (if you like that kinda thing, and I love that kinda thing). So pip-pip cheerio and all that to this 5 star read




wtf**Some random that showed up on my Kindle. So, that’s really not the title but it came in as Unknown and let me tell you, it should be. I couldn’t believe the filth-flarn-filth I was reading. Now that is such a contradiction to what I just said because I totally adore a good, hot, steamy, sex scene. But this was just straight up weird. I know I don’t spoil stuff here but this was so off I feel like I have to just so you guys  understand my dilemma. Ok, so the girl had a one-night stand with some older guy, turns out the guy is now her mom’s new husband. She meets him at dinner when her mom introduces them that she gets wasted to try and deal with the fact that she boned her mom’s beau. Now, she gets home calls her bestie dude friend and he comes over and they bump uglies. He’s all in love, she isn’t because she can’t stop thinking about the older guy. Now she’s at home with her mom and new hubby for some break, she ends up sleeping with the hubby, often, and HE turns out to be her best dude friend’s dad…WTF right!??!??! Anywho..they end up having a big nasty threesome and when I finished the book, I needed a damn drink. I give the book a 2 but I don’t ask me the title because I have no clue.

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