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Close up shots of a broken glass

Close up shots of a broken glass

Blurb: Carina Painter lives a life she created in between the pages of her bestselling novel. At least, that’s what she outwardly portrays. A heart-rending childhood followed by an abusive engagement leaves her broken in all ways possible. A chance encounter provides the fork in the road she so desperately desires.

Navy SEAL Smith Eppington is fighting the war of his lifetime. One that isn’t fought with weapons and highly sought intelligence. It’s a battle to remember his past. The accident that scarred seventy five percent of his body, and stole the life of his best friend also seized parts and pieces of his memory. When an author asks to interview him for a fiction novel, he’s ready to pour his heart out no matter the cost.

The friendship that blossoms between Smith and Carina is something extraordinary. It’s a living, breathing love story about finding yourself, change that is out of your control, grasping what you can, and letting go of everything else.

In a twist of kismet, remembering could destroy everything, but fiction may be what saves the day. A friendship built on new truths and a relationship torn apart by old lies collide in a poignant novel by International Bestselling Author, Rachel Robinson.


Shelly Says: OMG!! This book had me completely hooked from the very beginning. I finished it in under 24 hours but probably would have completed it in one sitting had I been able to keep my eyes open. It made me feel every emotion from happy to sad to angry, and back to happy again. At times, I felt like I may shed a tear or 2  although, I’m not opposed to that at all, with this story because my emotions were pulled in every direction. I loved Carina and Smith from the very beginning. Their story of love and heartbreak had me rooting for them to the end. As for Megan…I really don’t think a person like her exists. At times she exhibits such selflessness, even when I wanted to hate her…I just couldn’t. I can’t wait to see how this series plays out! 5 stars all the way!!

Meet Smith and Carina in Black & White Flowers,

the first standalone in The Real Seal Series

“Nothing is fair in love and war.”


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