Kept…Sneak Peek



About Kept:

From the surface, Jack’s got it all. A six-figure a year corporate dignitary, he lives comfortably with his family. But beneath the surface, this workaholic financier is trapped in a mediocre marriage, pining for release and zest. He diverts these misgivings to an underbelly world of vice in which he escapes his daily demons, paying for the affections of beautiful women.

Enter Lara, articulate and cultured, but struggling to find her path. The two begin a sordid affair that takes them across state lines and through countless airports, under the cloak of a tight-knit clandestine world fueled by wealth and control.



Exclusive Excerpt…

His hairy paunch nudges me into the corner of the shower, my back pressed against the tiled porcelain. I wrap my arms around his high shoulders and taste him as he dives into my mouth. I can’t hide my smile as I cup his face, kissing him achingly. I want him too. His fingers trace from my neck down to my stomach, drawing that familiar tracing pattern he’s done before. The stream of warm water trickles down my skin between our mashed bodies, warming the both of us. With his fingers encircling my pudendum, he gently inserts one. My knees suddenly feel weak and I moan aloud, my breath heightened. He revels in my response.


Lifting me up by the thighs, he suspends me against the cold porcelain, our breaths intermingle in a melodic lust. I throw my head back in desire as I feel him take me, pushing me harder against the wall. My legs interlocked around him, he feels so good, so carnal, so hungry, and incessantly selfish. The beat of the water trickles into my mouth and my eyes roll back, an innocuous vertigo setting in.

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About Camille Lindstrom:


Camille Lindstrom is a graduate of the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL where she earned a BA English. Unsurprisingly, her favorite courses were Creative Writing workshop classes.

Camille enjoys eccentric, unconventional plot themes that question convictions of what we deem normative. When she’s not writing, Camille enjoys being active, donning cat eye glasses, sipping champagne and traveling.


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