Breaking Cage…Review




Blurb:  There is speculation that he killed a girl . . .

Journalist Hannah Black has just been given the assignment of a lifetime: Get the exclusive story from the Chicago Bears’ new starting quarterback, Derek Cage. There’s only one problem—Derek refuses to talk to reporters. The son of a famed Illinois senator, this football star despises the media.

Hannah has never been one to follow orders, especially when she wants something. When her new assignment tries to give her the brush off, Hannah won’t take no for an answer, going to extremes to get the attention of this superstar athlete.

Drawn to her quirky questions and die-hard persistence, Derek begins opening up to this rookie reporter, and he can’t stay away no matter how hard he tries. As the two get closer, Hannah finds herself falling for the enigmatic quarterback. But nothing’s ever easy. As a decade old secret comes to light, Hannah has to decide how far she’ll go and how many lines she’s willing to cross to keep Derek safe.

Is uncovering the truth worth the risk of losing it all?

Review: Wow-We-Wow, what do we have here…sports romance with a little bit of whodunnit thrown in, well sign my happy ass right on up!

Prior to becoming a Smut connoisseur or more palatability put, a lover of romance novels, I read a lot of mysteries. I still love me some Sue Grafton and Patricia Cornwell. So when the two genres I enjoy most were put together I had to jump on the chance to read it. Glad I did. I really enjoyed this book. Derek was everything you love in an alpha male lead. He had the whole potentially sweet, totally sexy hard and soft thing all sewed up. Of course he started out as a total douche but as the story goes on you end up feeling bad for him and eventually loving everything about him. Hannah was cool as a female lead, I didn’t have much beef with her  except her complete lack of sports knowledge but she totally made up for it. I figured out who killed the girl toward the middle of the book. I had my speculations the whole time and I was right with my first guess, just my motive was off. This book was totally worth the read, there were a few times when I felt myself rolling my eyes but in the end I totally felt it was 4.25 star worthy!! Get Your Copy Today!

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About AJ Pryor:

A.J. Pryor lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. If not home writing, you can find her at the beach, the yoga studio or the soccer field with her girls. An avid reader of contemporary romance, new adult and young adult novels, her Kindle is always within reach. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.




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