Thankful For…

Man, this has been one busy week. I’m not cooking today (thank God) since I hosted a Friendsgiving this past Saturday. So, what I plan to do today and tomorrow is read, relax, and release…in that order. I will probably troll Facebook and Instagram to laugh at all the Thanksgiving Struggle Plates…


here’s an example:screen-shot-2013-11-29-at-9-47-21-am hahahahahaha, I love these.

Anyway, I stopped in to tell you guys what 5 books I am thankful for. These are by far my most favorite books. Some I can read again and again, and some are so emotional I wouldn’t even dare. The emotional ones are written on my heart and are stories I will never forget. So, without further adieu…

  1. Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James – This book not only started my Kindle obsession, but it started my smutty romance addiction, and for that I am thankful
  2. Glass Towers Trilogy by Alder and Holt – I loved this series so much I bought in on audible so I could listen to it in the car AFTER I read the books.
  3. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan – This didn’t have much in the way of smut, but it was one of the best love stories I’ve ever read. I am currently minoring in
  4. My Skylar by Penelope Ward – Man! I’ve never swooned so much in my life
  5. Bright Side & Gus by Kim Holden – you can’t have on without the other but these books touched me in such a way that I can’t explain it with words. Just amazing.

So these are my picks, what are yours? I look forward to reading your comments and hopefully finding some new books to check out.

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!

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