downedHe’s the guy no one likes…

Despite winning two national championships, JR “Ace” Anderson was sent packing from his old school after losing the trust of his coach. At Southern U, he has a second chance to prove that his college legacy isn’t endless debauchery and selfishness. But his reputation precedes him, and his teammates offer a chilly welcome in the locker room. The one person who is willing to accept him is the very woman he should stay away from—his new coach’s daughter.

She’s the girl everyone loves…

Bryant Johnson’s only goal in life is to make others happy, even at her own expense. One look at her father’s new star quarterback, and she knows that Ace is her next project. With a reputation for being a “jerk whisperer”, Bryant has spent her last three years at college reforming sorry behavior and turning bad boys into the best boyfriends ever. In Ace, though, she’s met with surly resistance and a sizzling attraction she doesn’t expect. Fixing this wounded warrior will be her biggest challenge yet. Not falling for him will be even harder.

Between her big heart and his damaged one, a battle is ensuing. In this game of love, every defense will crumble.


Review: I love football, and after a tough loss to the damned Pittsburg Steelers, I needed some football love. I picked this up and was really glad that I did. As you all know, I am famous for picking up books in the middle of the series, well guess what, I picked up the LAST book in the series this time. HA! Take that! I was fine reading this as a standalone since I didn’t miss anything other than how jerky Ace, the hero, was in the previous books.

Anyway, the story is told in both main character’s POV, so we are able to get inside both their heads. I always love that. Bryant, out heroine, is the typical southern belle and I found myself giggling at some of her little sayings, although I cringed every time she called her father “daddy”.  Yes, it bugs me to hear grown adults say “mommy and daddy” instead of “mom and dad”. C’mon we are no longer 10, however, I get it since the story takes place in the south. She’s pretty, sweet and has the perfect girlfriend thing down pact.

Ace is a jackass, but a fun one. I laughed often when it came to his character but I also felt a lot of sympathy for him. He’s isolated from his team and has a steel wall around built around his heart. Until Bryant…

There isn’t any insta-love here so don’t think good girl meets damaged boy and boom. They fight their attraction to each other the entire way, so this love story meets all the requirements. Also, the sub-plot is pretty good although it feels a little unfinished by the time we reach the end of the novel. Overall this was a solid 4 stars. I enjoyed it and you will too

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