francoBlurb: Franco Genovese is the drummer for world renowned American rock band, Rook. He’s got it all. A killer smile. Tattoos. Talent. Razor sharp wit and humor. And a heart as big, and generous, as they come.
Life is good. Steady. Uncomplicated. Just the way he likes things.
Until one night at an unassuming L.A. bar changes everything.
Enter Gemma Hendricks.
She’s a successful young architect from Northern England with an adorable smile, sarcasm for days, and an unparalleled trusting heart.
The attraction is instant.
So is their friendship.
It’s also temporary because they’ll both be heading home, thousands of miles apart from each other, in a few days.
Or is it?
There’s something Gemma wants more than anything else.
And when Franco propositions her to provide what she’s looking for, everything changes.
Will it transform friendship into love, or will it be their ruin?

Note from the author: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature audiences.

Review: Well, we all know I am a Kim Holden super fan(Bright Side Review & Gus Review) . I cried when I met her and she gave me a hug that was AMAZE-BALLS. Great hugs aside, she totally writes beautiful books. This one is no different. I will admit I wasn’t too stoked about Franco. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved all the teasers and the cover dude is nice to look at, but I wasn’t sure if Franco could hold his own. Why did I doubt Ms. Holden? Please blame it on a temporary lapse of judgment because I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Yup, I was wrong and I loved every minute of it. Reading Franco was like catching up with old friends over a cold beer and tacos. I felt like I knew these people and in a sense I do. Well, at least the guys and Scout.

Gemma, however, is new. She is amazing (geez, I need a thesaurus) fun, quirky and driven. She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t and wasn’t afraid to go after it. Her sense of humour is witty and her fashion sense is…well, it’s hers (I’m on the fence when it comes to animal print LOL) but she pulls it all off in fantastic Kim Holden fashion. When you read this book you will know exactly what I’m talking about. And yes, I said when because you have to buy this book. It’s that good. Not to mention there’s a super surprise in the middle that had me doing a happy dance. Yup, I literally stood on my bed and shook my ass


So I am gonna give this book 5 stars. Not because I drank the Kool-Aid but because Mrs. Holden is that freaking good!

Purchase Franco via Amazon by clicking here

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