All I Want Is You…Review

allIwantisyouBlurb: Cayson is in love with Skye Preston, his best friend for over twenty years. They grew up together, bathed together, and spent every holiday together. Hoarding the secret hasn’t been easy. Every time Cayson sees her with a boyfriend, he wants to smash his fist into a wall.

But he could never tell her the truth.

The close friendship they have is too good to be ruined. If he confessed his deepest feelings, how would it change what they have? Would he lose her altogether?

But everything changes when Cayson finds Skye at a party, drunk and incoherent. Unable to stand on her own two feet with breath reeking of alcohol, she’s easy prey to the men staring at her noticeable chest. Cayson immediately scoops her into his arms and takes her home. But when they arrive at the house, Skye doesn’t want to sleep. Instead, she wants Cayson in a way she’s never had before.

What will this mean for their relationship? Is it the start of something Cayson has always dreamed of? Or will it be the end?

Review: This was a cute quick read. I knocked it out in one sitting, not because it was so enthralling that I couldn’t put it down, but more because I had nothing better to do. Now, that is not to say that the book wasn’t good because it was. I just think my 17yr old niece would’ve appreciated it more than I would have. I was annoyed with the characters but that is probably because I am old enough to be their mother. I would’ve love to read about the parents since they seem to be the most interesting part of this story. Apparently, this is the beginning of a series, however, I don’t plan to keep reading because this just wasn’t my cup of tea. 3 stars because I’m and adult but 4 stars if I’m thinking with my 20yr old mind

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