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More than a Feeling final coverBlurb: From the award-winningauthor of TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT comes the final story in her red-hot Rock Star Romance series, about a loner rocker finding his perfect duet.

When Cooper Hood left Snowberry, Montana ten years ago, he swore he’d never go back to the town that painted him with the same brush as his addict mother. But right in the middle of his band’s national tour he gets a call to come home: his mom’s got a whopper of a secret to reveal.

Daisy Charbonneau’s in trouble. The talent she hired for her resort’s annual Huckleberry Festival just bailed on her, and she’s desperate to find a replacement act. Luck turns her way when she discovers her high school crush is back in town–and he happens to be a rock star.

As they work together, a crush deepens into so much more, but who falls in love in two weeks?

Especially when Cooper’s never coming back to town, and Daisy’s never going to leave it.

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Review: Here we go again with me reading books out of order. Yup folks I did it again, except this time I manage to read the LAST book in this rocker series. Although I must say this was wonderful as a standalone. There are references to people from the other books but enough that you don’t feel like you are missing anything. So, if you are starting with this I don’t think it will be that big of a deal.

Now,  Cooper is the man! I am completely smitten with him and in my head he is totally every bit of the hot rocker he is on paper. I only had one beef with Cooper and that was I wanted MORE of him!! More More More! The story takes us back to Coop’s hometown where we get snippets of his life before he was a big rock star. This equally intrigued and saddened me. Coop had it rough and “watching” him try to come to grips with the way his past collided into his present is what made this book so good for me. I felt and understood his struggle even though it wasn’t my own. The heroine is also amaze-balls. Daisy isn’t a weak pushover and she stands her ground throughout the novel. She’s repeatedly met with opposition and not only takes it in stride she busts her butt to overcome it. She’s vulnerable when she needs to be but tough as nails when it’s time for a fight. That just shows you that the chemistry between Daisy and Cooper is as electrified as his guitar riffs.

So, 4.5 stars guys! And I am officially begging Ms. Kelly to write Coops “prequel” I would absolutely LOVE that. Grab your copy via Amazon here and below is the reading order of this series

Rock Star Series_Complete

Also, Penelope and Vi decided to drop Mr. Moneybags on us early! Look at me calling two of my favorite authors by their first names like I know them personally LOL. Of course, I bought this as soon as the email hit my box that it was available for order. I love these ladies and plan to start this one Thursday. I have to put it off until then although it is thoroughly paining me to do so. Like…my ass is severely chapped that I must read Portnoy’s Complaint instead of some hot steamy smut. Damn Responsibility *hmph*

MMB release graphic

Blurb: I met Bianca in an elevator.

She was on her way to interview me when we got stuck.

The beautiful, raven-haired reporter assumed I was a delivery guy because of the way I was dressed.

She had no clue I was really Dex Truitt, the wealthy, successful businessman she’d dubbed “Mister Moneybags”—her afternoon appointment.

Bianca told me how much she hated Dex’s type—snobby, over-educated, silver- spooned men who didn’t appreciate the simple things in life.

So, after the elevator finally started moving again, I canceled the interview and let her believe I was someone I wasn’t—a bike messenger named Jay. I loved the way she looked at the fake me and didn’t want it to end.

I began dating her as “Jay”—all the while letting her interview the real me over email.

I didn’t expect that our chemistry online would be just as hot.

I didn’t expect the mess I’d gotten myself into.

I didn’t expect that Jay and Dex would fall in love with her.  

And she was falling for two men.

Only, both men were me.

And when she found out, we were both going to lose her.

Nothing could have prepared me for that day. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for what came after.


All good things must come to an end, right?
Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

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