Master of Blackmoor…Review

So I don’t usually read period pieces, but I received and email from a lovely woman named Julie Shelton and decided to give this particular one a chance. It involves a half-French woman, a sexy Duke, some sexy time and a curse. It sounded like a healthy mix of the things I love in books so I jumped in since I am in France I figured why not get into the Oh la la mindset. Sexy and Oh la la is definitely how I would describe this country. I’ve seen more hot men per capita here than I do in the good ole United States.


Random Hot Guy at the Fountain in Nice 6/2/17..pic credit: ME!


I guess it doesn’t help that I live in the city with the Most Unattractive People, according to Travel and Leisure magazine. C’est la vie…on with the review!

blackmoorNow, granted there was limited French (although I was happy I knew all of the words/phrases except for one) it was a really good read. It took me two days to get through as it was lengthy(400+pages), but it kept me intrigued the entire time. I love a good “whodunit” and although I figured out who did what and I kinda knew the “why” I was more interested in how it was going to come together.

Each character is written wonderfully, so much so, that I found myself hating the villains and loving the main characters all the more. Danielle is strong willed and gives what she gets, which is a departure of what women of that time were like, or at least what they were “supposed” to be like. She is simply an awesome woman. Duke Anthony Markhand is dark, mysterious and grumpy AF, but you can’t blame him with a curse on his house and all. He has a loving heart but is so scared to give it because of the darkness that surrounds him, making it all the more easy to fall for him.

Now, I will say that I judge books by their covers. I know it isn’t right but the cover is the first thing you see when shopping for a book, then you read the blurb. A good blurb may help you forgive a cover, but if the cover doesn’t appeal to you AT ALL you are gonna skip the blurb. This is one cover that would’ve fallen into the latter category. This cover is super cheesy and makes me think of the Fabio books that you see in the grocery store aisle. And THAT is my only complaint about this book people, the freaking cover. So 4.5 stars for this period romance

Purchase Julie Shelton’s Master of Blackmoor via Amazon HERE

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