Don’t Speak…Review

don't speakBlurb: A fisherman’s daughter.
The governor’s son.
Two very different worlds.

In this modern retelling of The Little Mermaid, a fisherman’s daughter from an Outer Banks island untouched by time, meets the son of North Carolina’s governor at a fancy party where she’s working.

Laire, who wants so much more from life than her little island can offer, is swept away by wealthy, sophisticated Erik, who is, in turn, entranced by her naiveté and charm. The two spend a whirlwind summer together that ends on the knife-point of heartbreak and forces them to go their separate ways.

Years later, when fate leads them back to one another, they will discover the terrifying depth of the secrets they kept from each other, and learn that shattered hearts can only be healed by a love that willfully refuses to die.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Don’t Speak is part of the ~a modern fairytale~ collection: contemporary, standalone romances inspired by beloved fairy tales.

Review: I freaking love Katy Regnery’s “modern fairy tales”. This one is based on the Little Mermaid, one of my fav Disney movies and the spin she gives on Ariel as well as the other characters are awesome. The little island that our heroine, Laire (my mind was blown when I realized she just moved the L in Ariel to the beginning…it’s the little things), is from is so remote and unheard of that I found myself Googling it to see if it was real or a made up place. This little island was so out of touch with things that I found myself constantly thinking “1st world problems!” Laire isn’t super naive but she is justly innocent. I love how she wants more for herself and rightfully so, geez who still has dial-up!


Erik (I know!) has officially been added to the Book Side Piece collection. He has BBF potential but he doesn’t quite reach it before the end of the book for me. I totally adore him but in the grand scheme of things this book was more about Laire and her journey. I would’ve loved to have more of how Erik faired in between the years (there’s a part I and II in the book). Laire writes these amazing letters, where we only get second-hand knowledge of how Erik dealt with his time. In all honesty, if you’ve seen this movie you know the “gist” of what this story is about. I love the twist she gives it but we all know how it ends. I completely fell in lots of like with this book and give it 4 solid stars.

p.s. Ursula, King Triton, Flounder and Sebastion make the most interesting appearances in this story…I Freaking Love It!

Check it out via Amazon here

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