M.I.A…well kinda

So I’ve been missing in action but for a good reason. I am set to graduate college in December!!

clapping.gifyeah, I am happy as a pig in sh!t too, but that means I don’t have a super amount of time to get to some of these fantastic books that I keep adding to my TBR.

no I feel the same way. But I did get a sweet internship at a publishing house (Bancroft Press) and I am now a part of the fiction team for Towson University’s award-winning literary magazine Grub Street.


I know right!?!! They are actually letting me help make decisions based on my thoughts of a piece! Oh, I forgot to get to the good part…


We are currently looking for talented writers to submit their work whether it be Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry and Visual Art (photography, painting, drawings etc.) Please Please, Please submit to www.grubstreet.submittable.com. You don’t have to be a student to submit and if you have a high schooler who loves to write encourage them to submit because we have a section just for high schools! So please pass this on and just SUBMIT your piece


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