Hey people!! I am back. School is finally done and I can get back to my regularly scheduled program, and what better way to come back than with Darker from Christian’s POV.

darkershadesLet me say that this was my favorite book from the original series so I was extremely skeptical going in simply because Grey was a big disappointment, in my opinion. Well, let me just say, she did an amazing job with this re-telling. 560 pages of gotdamn! I was so into this book that I didn’t realize it was 3am and I was still reading. I had that same feeling of “just one more chapter” that I had when I was reading the original, so for that, I thank you, Ms. James. I couldn’t wait to get to the Leila chapter. I was so curious about what was going through his mind when he felt the need to bathe her and dress her in Ana’s clothes, because if it was me…I would need a little more than submission to forgive you. I mean seriously he couldn’t start the shower and let her ass get in by herself? Bathing someone is so darn intimate and I don’t give a damn if he felt responsible for breaking her or not MY MAN bet not even think about it!! wish

Wooo…I am back Yy’all. Okay, I just can’t with that scene but I love it so much, but in real life this would not fly Mr. Grey. I also, like the Fifty nutso fan that I am, put the book down, opened my Amazon Video app, and watch the scene from last year’s movie. The book is still better. Every. Damn. Time. So I am giving this reboot 5 awesome stars. I don’t know how much more money this lady is gonna make from this series but I have a feeling she won’t need to write another thing in her life. Kinda like the Twilight lady!

darker.grey.jamie Click below to purchase

Darker: As Told By Christian

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