raincheck.2Synopsis: Raincheck ~ a slightly twisted, romantic story.

Ty Benson is tall, dark, delicious – and done with women. As the singer for the iconic rock band Raincheck, Ty is sick of women chasing after him. He’s sworn off relationships, enjoying the simplicity that celibacy brings. Until he meets Liv Madison. She’s completely – and maddeningly – uninterested in him. And it’s seriously turning him on. Stuck together on Raincheck’s Summer Tour, Ty is trying to stay away from her. But it’s getting harder every day.

 Liv Madison just wants to work on her Master’s thesis and have some fun this summer. Which is the exact reason she’s tagging along as her best friend Gabe performs on Raincheck’s tour. Ty Benson, however, seems to have other plans for her. As annoying as he is gorgeous, Ty just won’t leave her alone. And it’s affecting her relationship with Gabe – in a completely unexpected way.

 Can Ty convince Liv to give him a chance? Or will her friendship with Gabe turn into so much more?

Review: I was excited to get this book because I really like Rockstar romances. Hell, I just love romance. When bad boys become tame puppies because of love, it gives me hope that the Husbutt will somehow become just a romantic as my many many book boyfriends. He’s not a rock star but a girl can dream, but I digress; this book started out well and I devoured the first few pages. However, after about 70 pages in I wanted to pull my hair out. How is it even possible for a woman going for her Ph.D. in psychology to be so clueless? Liv came off more as a college freshman than a graduate student. The amount of miscommunication and LACK OF communication made this book about 100+ pages longer than it needed to be. There is no need for me to go on about Liv…just…No.

Then we have Ty. Whom I start out liking. He and Liv’s first encounter is funny and in all honesty, it sold me on the book. However, as we move along, I find myself wondering why he’s so interested in Liv. Other than her “beauty” I just don’t get it. She does nothing for me. She is ditzy and not in a good way (as if there is a good way to be an idiot) so I’m trying to figure out what she does for him. The times they spend together are quite amusing and romantic, it did keep me somewhat interested, however, I don’t understand how they get to that point. Things go from 0 to 60 with no explanation from the author or the character. I think I may have a guess at an explanation, but that would spoil the book and if my guess is correct, it still isn’t enough to warrant the major life stalking he partakes in. He definitely gets an A+ in stalking ability. It knows no bounds and is creepy AF.

So, there ya have it, folks. This one had potential that, in my opinion, it just didn’t live up to. I can only give this 2-5-stars

Raincheck on Amazon

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