Mr. Fixer Upper…Review

mrfixerupperBlurb: Gannon King is great with his hands and–if you believe what you read on Twitter–he’s “sex in a toolbelt.” The reality TV star learned his lesson about falling for pretty packages the hard, painful, humiliating way and he’s not making that mistake again.

Sure, “Legs” is gorgeous as hell and smart-mouthed–two of his favorite qualities in a woman. But she’s an icy network kiss-ass. At least, that’s what he thinks until he catches her being human.

Field producer Paige St. James has zero time for temperamental stars, especially Gannon who does his best to get under her skin. She’s got plans to get out of reality TV and do something that matters.

But ratings are king and, when Paige and Gannon’s sparks are captured by cameras, the network smells a time slot victory. After an on-set accident and a vindictive celebrity “girlfriend,” Paige finds her reputation in tatters and her job hanging by a thread.

She never should have trusted him…

But now that he’s gotten those talented hands on her, Gannon’s never letting go.

My thoughts: I freaking loved all 400+ pages of this book. I stumbled upon it via KU (I find all kinds of authors there and to think this is Lucy Score’s 10th book) after loving her book The Worst Best Man. The book is hilariously cute, tackles relevant issues and is super sexy. This author does romance well. The entire time I was reading this I kept picturing Brock O’hurn even though Gannon (H) is an Italian stallion. Gannon has it all sexy body, quick temper and can wield his hammer… a hammer. Sorry got ahead of myself thinking about the hotel scene. He knows how to tone it down when necessary and has a sweet side that will give you cavities. I literally sighed at some of the things this guy said.

Paige is a great heroine. She is the ice to Gannon’s fire and the clash is what makes this books so good. Reading these two battle it out then find their way to each other had me up all night reading. And the shower scene *swoon* made me fall harder for this couple than I already had. I didn’t want to put the book down. It got a little predictable toward the end but it didn’t make me want to stop turning the pages.

This book mixes my favorite things; hot guys, home improvement shows, hot sex and HEAs so 5 wonderful stars for this treasure.

Grab Mr. Fixxer Upper via Amazon

Some Hot Italian Guy                                         Brock “Sexy AF” O’hurn

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