The Resistance & The Reckoning…Review

Review: Typically I put the blurb and book cover up so you have a kind of idea about what I’m talking about when I start going on about a book, but because I am going to wrap two books up in one review I decided to skip that part. So here’s my quick synopsis of the books…Jack Dalton aka Johnny Outlaw is the frontman for the band The Resistance. He’s the hot rocker lead of this story, tired of groupies he meets a hot businesswoman in a bar who had no idea who he is. Their one-night stand turns into so much more, but can these two survive love in the limelight?

These two books are part of a series about a rock band named The Resistance. There are four band members and I believe books 1&2 are the only books about Dalton and Holliday. So, if you like rocker romance I would say this is probably right up your alley, however, I had to stop at book 2 because I want to smack fire out of the heroine by the time I was on book 2 chapter 2. Ugh! She annoyed me…slap

This series started out strong. I was all in with book one as I enjoyed the back and forth between Dalton and Holli. Him a rock star trying to keep a low profile, she a businesswoman in Vegas for a conference. It was the perfect setup considering she didn’t know who he was and he was looking for someone to like him for him and not his stage persona. Holli was great in book one,  strong, independent and fun. I thought I was going to love her to pieces…boy was I wrong, she turned into a whiney, needy, brat. Look, I am all for love. That all-consuming-I-can’t-get-enough-of-you love, but at some point, the big girl panties need to come out. Holli, however, pulled them out at the wrong time, each time.

Dalton’s the epitome of the tortured rock star. He’s cocky, sexy and loves to errmm…well, y’all know what I mean, but underneath all that was an insecure, gentle soul who struggled. I wish this story was told in dual POV, but instead, it was told mostly in Holli’s with quotes from Dalton starting each chapter. There are one or two chapters that were narrated by Dalton but it really just wasn’t enough of his POV which I believe would’ve really helped a bit.

The drama from book 2 was more my speed because this is Dalton and Holli after 2yrs of marriage. Now, I loves me some baby mama drama and this book was chock full of it! But it was also full of insecure whiney-ass Holli which made it a bit hard to love. However, let me say this, Danny needs his own book. Danny’s not a bandmate he’s Holli’s neighbor and the man. At one point, I wanted him and Holli to hook-up and say screw the rock star but that wasn’t in the cards. And then there’s Sebastian and Ashley, the villains, I also love villains, they made this story more interesting and pushed me to finish it. As a series, I give these two books 3 stars. Book one is 4 stars and book two is 2 stars. I’m not sure if I’ll read the others, probably, just not right now. I need a minute.

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