Only You…Review

ONLYYOUBlurb: Nate Pearson is ridiculously handsome and wears the hell out of a suit and tie, but I’ve seen the parade of beautiful women leaving his apartment across the hall—a different one every time—and I want no part of it. When it comes to romance, I’m looking for something real, something that will last: the happily ever after. As a divorce attorney, he loves to tell me there’s no such thing. As a wedding planner, I choose to disagree. We disagree on almost everything, in fact. Everything except James Bond. The only time we really get along is when we’re watching 007 flicks together, and I’ll admit—he has rescued me from a disaster or five. So when one of the baton twirlers from his parade leaves a baby girl at his door with a note that says “I’ll come back for her” and he begs me for help, I can’t turn him down. But it’s a mistake. Because watching him with his daughter, I start to see another side of Nate, a side that has my breath coming faster, my body craving his, my heart longing for him to change his mind about love and tell me there’s a chance for us. I don’t want to be just another girl leaving his apartment in the morning. I want to be the one he asks to stay.


Review: I LOVED IT! I kinda figured I would. I mean come on…a wedding planner and a divorce attorney, I just knew this was gonna be good. To be perfectly honest, it could’ve been a longer book. It should’ve been a longer book. There is a lot of story that could be flushed out but that doesn’t take away from the book. Just know you will want more. More Nate, more Paisley, and more Emme.

It is written in alternating POVs (the H and h) which is something I adore. It also starts out hilariously! Although I can’t blame Emme for what she does, however, the calamity that ensues after makes you fall in love with this cute wedding planner. Now, I started to get mad because of the insta-love but then I remembered that they’ve been neighbors and friends for years, therefore, they get a pass for moving so fast once they started. This book is full of fun, sexy and all the swoony romance we all crave. Emme and Nate make a great couple and I seriously want more.

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