Cover Reveal…Gentleman Nine


We are thrilled to bring you the cover from New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward. Gentleman Nine releases on February 19th!

Cover designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA designs
Cover Model: Lucas Garcez
Cover Photography: Sven Jacobsen

From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

Growing up, the three of us were friends.
He was the nerd.
I was the playboy.
She was the beauty.

Deep down, I only ever wanted her. I kept it inside because Rory and I made a pact that our friend, Amber, was off-limits.
He lied.

I went off to college, and he got the girl.
Amber never knew how I felt.
They were together for years—before he broke her heart.

Through it all and across the miles, she and I casually stayed in touch.
When my job sent me to Boston for a three-month contract position, Amber let me stay in her spare room.

Still reeling from her breakup, she’d sworn off men.
One night, I opened her computer to find the shock of my life. She’d hesitantly contacted a male escort company. Afraid to date and get her heart broken again, she was looking for sex with no strings.
Every emotion imaginable ran through me: protectiveness, jealousy—curiosity.
Amber had chosen Gentleman Number Nine and sent him a message.
She opened up to him, confessing, among other things, her physical attraction to her friend— me. But she considered me off-limits—and she thought I was a manwhore. (Ironic, considering the circumstances.)
Eventually, she set up a date to meet Gentleman Nine at a hotel.
When she showed up several nights later to meet him, she got the surprise of her life to see me standing there—with an offer I hoped she wouldn’t refuse.

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Monday Morning Rant…w/a little Wood

A lot of people hate Monday’s, I don’t mind them so much. It’s a fresh start after (hopefully) a great weekend. Unless you had a sh*tty weekend like I did. So, let me start by saying it was f*cking freezing this weekend! I live in Baltimore and it’s been colder than a witches tit this past week/weekend. So cold that the pipes in my house froze and I spent the weekend trying to get water into my house. We’ve had to stay at a hotel (yay!) but coming home to feed the animals, buying G A L L O N S of water to make sure they have fresh water and doing basic wipe downs so the house doesn’t start to smell stagnant was a pain in the ass. But enough about real people problems, let’s talk book-people problems…

Self-publishing; the gift, and the curse. I LOVES me some Indie-Authors and I am all for entrepreneurship. In a perfect world, we would all be CEOs or Masters of Our Universe, however, sometimes self-publishing can come back to bite you in the ass. Let me correct that by saying self-publishing without professional editing can. For the most part, I am never 100% grammatically correct. I know I’ve thrown a few commas around or didn’t hyphenate something, and I’ve definitely gotten quite a few red marks on my papers in school. But when you are putting your work out there for consumers, you have to make sure it’s your best work. You can’t just let friends, family, and your next-door neighbor read it and assume that they’ve caught all the mistakes. You can’t trust your gut and assume you have them all either. Spend the few extra bucks and let a professional give your baby a check-up. It really sucks as a reader to try to decipher what you meant or were trying to convey.

grammargrandma Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, voice and overall story is really important guys. You can have a great story but if I can’t enjoy the story because I am spending time trying to figure out WTF words are misspelled, straight up missing or the lack of punctuation I get annoyed and it detracts from the story.

Now onto some more enjoyable Monday goodness. I am a lover of the man V. I think I enjoy it because of the “tease” of what it leads to. I’d rather see everything but the “thing” (until it’s go time) because it lends to the seduction of it all. I especially love the guys who have no problem putting it on display for voyeurs like meclapping so without further adieu, here’s this Monday’s Morning Wood.

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Happy Holidays guys! So, I am playing catch-up with my TBR and trying to enjoy this new found free time that I have (thank goodness for holiday break) before I start studying for the Praxis (the exam to become a certified teacher in Maryland), when the husbutt says to me, “You catching up on your smutty hoe books?” I was shocked and appalled! How dare he!bey.pearls But, yes…yes I was, or at least trying to no avail. Everything I’ve read so far has been super romantic with more lovemaking and less grab me by the hair and…well, you get the picture. So I am declaring today Morning Wood Mondaymorningwood.2 I need a certain kind of pick-me-up and although romance is nice, I need that down and dirty. So what have you got for me? Post all your favorite “naughty” book in the comments for a chance to win an Amazon GC

morningwood.1 I will be picking 3 of the top suggested books to read over the holiday weekend, the three that I choose, those who offered those suggestion will get an Amazon book of their choice (up to $3.99). The one with hottest, naughtiest, most OMG scene will win a $20 Amazon GC! That means 2 chances to win!!