All About the D…Review

allabouttheDBlurb: You know how people say you can never believe what you read on the interwebs? That a hot guy online is probably a creeper with a beer gut and a shoe fetish, not the sexy beast he pretends to be?
So I had no clue that the anonymous blogger who contacted my law firm about his naughty website would be droolworthy in real life. Not that I’m interested in him in that way. Attorneys can’t go around sleeping with their clients. Not even if he is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met and so ridiculously smart he makes my nerdy-girl heart sigh.
Besides, he has too much on the line to risk taking a chance on the insane chemistry building between us. We both do.
I’ve always followed the rules. Too bad he makes me want to break each and every one of them.
*** All About the D is a romantic comedy and a full-length standalone. Due to adult situations and sexual content, it’s recommended for readers over the age of 18.  ***

Review: ADD IT! ADD IT! ADD IT! This is a TBR must have. Not because it was the best thing I’ve ever read but because it was original, well written and funny. I absolutely adored this one-sitter quitter! The story line wasn’t one I’ve read before and that had me totally hooked. I loved the content and all the D jokes that came along with it (I have the sense of humor of a 12yr old boy…I secretly still laugh at fart jokes).

Josh(H) is hiding several things about his identity but his D isn’t one of them. He is an amazing character and I was totally in love with him from the moment I started to read from his POV. He is different from most alpha males in the novels out there and that is a major plus for him too. Evie(h) is an amazing person and attorney. She has several reasons to be insecure but she doesn’t let it stop her from being great. She has an amazing friend and it is clear she isn’t sleeping her way to the top like some other hoochie in the law firm. The relationship she and Josh develop feels so organic that you can’t help but root for them the entire time. I laughed out loud several times and got completely frustrated a few times as well. I would’ve liked the drama ramped up a little more with the ex-fiance but overall I was satisfied with the story.


There were two characters that will be getting their own book, Kendall(Evie’s bff) and Drew(Josh’s bff). Their appearances here were funny, however, Drew annoyed my pants off  and I for the life of me can’t understand how/why he and Josh were friends, which now makes me wanna read their book so I can understand this douchebag. Overall this book was a 5 star read for me and you should totally add it!

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Mia Sheridan I love you…

How much do I love you? Let me count the ways…

  1. Archer’s Voice. This was such a beautifully written love story that had me so intrigued with sign language and the struggles some experience in a predominately “hearing” society that I’ve minored in ASL and will have a degree in sign language soon. Not to mention the love.OH! and the first sex scene. Wonderful.archer
  2. Becoming Calder. I totally drank the Kool-Aid. This story was so cotton picking great I devoured it in one sitting. I was so riveted and invested in the love of Calder and Eden, not to mention, the society that they lived in that I truly finished this in a few hours. By the time I got to the end of the book I was literally pacing with my Kindle. Talk about a complete and utter broken heart moment. I wanted to yell wait!!! And the beginning finally clicked for me because I couldn’t figure out how it tied to this at all until I picked up…Portrait of elegant woman with luxurious hair in a coniferous fo
  3. Finding Eden. What a way to wrap up a story. Sugary sweet with just a bit of sour, the perfect combination. I loved how the stories tied together and the growth of these characters and did I see that ending coming HELL NO I didn’t. It was rather “coincidental” how it all went down(I can overlook that because I love you some much) but man when it did, it really DID. Thank youeden
  4. Leo. *sigh* I didn’t think love like that existed…I still don’t, at least not in real life, but it’s great to read about it in books. Where I live. All the time. In my head. This was the right amount of love, lust, and WTF. Totally awesome.leo

The jury is still out on Midnight Lily, I couldn’t put it down but when I finished reading it I felt like I completely missed something. I also read Grayson’s Vow (my review) and loved it too.

Folks I am not sure if you’ve read many of Mia’s books but as you can see 5 out of the 6 I’ve read are all 5-star stories. I am a sucker for love and nobody does it like Mia. She gives you just the right amount of angst and swoony lust all rolled up in roughly 250-300 pages. I absolutely adore her and will probably have Kyland and Ramsay finished by the time you read this.


Three Simple Rules…Review

Holy Hot Shit Batman!! This book needs to be added to everyone’s TBR list now!! Not now. RIGHT. NOW.

3I don’t know how I stumbled upon this book but thank you 8lbs 11oz new-born baby Jesus!! I am not going to give you a Synopsis, I am going straight into this review…

Review: Evelyn “Evie”, is a the woman! I love her character so much. She was a little naïve but not to the point of idiocy and annoyance. She was a little prudish until her sexual awakening and boy did she rise to the occasion. Logan was the sexy ass man who woke her up. The sex in this book was so damn hot I had to change my panties, take a shower and call my husband because I’ll be damned if I was gonna let a book character have all the fun.

This book was the real deal..The story was great it didn’t drag on, the sex was excessive but done so in a way that you couldn’t wait to get to the next scene. 5 stars folks. This was damn good and it was only $.99 so you better click on the buy link!

Three Simple Rules..Amazon