Fifty Shades Freed…Movie Review

I saw the last Fifty movie last Thursday with a few of my Fifty Fan Buddies. We decided to do the marathon of all 3 movies that the local theater was offering for $20. There are a few things I want to clear up before I go into a review of this movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, this is where you stop, okay.

  1. The quality of film got better with each movie
  2. Jamie Dornan got hotter with each movie
  3. The sex got SEXIER with each movie and…
  4. I loved Dakota Johnson in each movie, she was the absolute best choice for Ana


Okay, now that is out of the way…I didn’t want it to end. I always tend to get sad when things are over, whether it’s a book series or a movie series if it isn’t one and done I hate it! I didn’t want this to end and since it went by so quickly, I feel I didn’t have time to savor and enjoy that this was the last movie. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good movie because it absolutely was, however, things progressed quickly in the 1hr 45-50mins of movie. As you can tell from the trailer the movie opens with the wedding and it goes from 0 to 50 in a matter of minutes. By the time you are saying “Oh Shit!” when Jack is chasing Ana on the highway, Ana is already at the bank ready to pay him off. It was just too fast dangnabbit! There are some things that are missing but unless you are a superfan you won’t miss them. I am a lover of villains so I wanted Elena, I wanted crazy ass Leila and I wanted to see jealous Christian fight in Aspen. However, I am hoping (fingers crossed) all of these things are on the extended/unrated version of the DVD, blue-ray or streamed Amazon version of the movie.